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A New Kind of Business

About five years ago, I had the idea to create a new kind of business. The strategy was fairly simple. I wanted to create tomorrow’s company today.

My new company would have:

  1. No Office
  2. No Employees
  3. No Outside Investment

I wanted to leverage technology and the growing ranks of Virtual Business Owners to create a world-class organization. I wanted to be able to work when I wanted and where I wanted.

The name of the company is MarketSense

We use data, marketing and analytics to help companies predictably grow. My goal was to create an organization that treated our team like royalty - even though in most cases we’d never meet in person. I wanted to be able to compete with other agencies without the expense of an office and full-time employees on staff.

I wanted to be able to field the absolute best team to serve each individual client.

Well, five years later, I think we can say my experiment worked extremely well. MarketSense now has clients all across the United States. They range in size from startups to billion dollar companies.

We have over 40 VBO’s that are located across the country and around the world (many who have been with us for years now).

So, how did we do it?

First, I took 20 years of being an entrepreneur and REALLY thought about what we needed to do to create a “Virtual Company”. Then I went about creating the “systems” we needed to operate a world-class organization.  

Running a company requires you to have unique skills or solutions that people are willing to pay for.

Most entrepreneurs start companies thinking that will make them a success.

The reason why there is such a high failure rate with startups is that very few people actually understand the nuances of running a company. This includes the things you for sure need to do, and those things you absolutely don’t want to embrace.  

VBO Quickstart contains the specific strategies and resources you need to virtually ensure you are a success as a Virtual Business Owner (VBO).

We explain the “how’s” and the “why’s.

We give you the templates and the tools to compete and win.

Even more than that, we give you the roadmap, the motivation, and the support to have the confidence to create a life controlled by YOU.

I personally welcome you to join me on a journey that will change your life… forever.

I promise that VBO Nation and our community of Virtual Business Owners will be here to support you every step of the way. Most of all, I welcome you to a growing group of professionals that make up VBO Nation!

Jim Murphy

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