57 Million and Growing!

The VBO (Virtual Business Owner) movement is HUGE and growing.

There are now over 57 million VBOs (Virtual Business Owners) in the U.S. By 2027 there will be more VBOs than workers. Regardless of whether you are in business or want to become a VBO, you’ll want to track this ground-shaking trend and learn more about the VBO Economy.

VBOs are happier, healthier, and make more money - they’ve taken control their future.

VBO Nation is an online destination for VBOs - featuring a community, tools, tips, and training. All focused on helping you become a VBO.

We are releasing a video that shows how the power has shifted from the corporation to the individual (you).

This is key to learning how to take advantage of this trend. It will be done on Thursday - we will send you a link. Finally, we’ve created a Forever Free Membership for VBO Nation that you’ll want to take advantage of.

You can reserve membership by CLICKING HERE.


Tom Poole

Jim Murphy

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