2019 May Be Your Year to Become a Freelancer

The month of January is named after the Roman god Janus, who was known for having two faces.

Not to mean that he was two-faced, it’s just that he lived in a constant state of duality, always looking before him and behind him at once. 

Every New Year, we do the same. We look ahead toward the future and we reflect on the year we just had. As you look back on your 2018, consider your current employment situation.

And as you look ahead, envision what could be. 

It might be time to seriously consider becoming a Virtual Business Owner. If you’re on the fence, you’ll be glad to know that the outlook for freelance work is bright. If you're tired of the drudgery of office life, then rest assured that there’s a better way, the VBO way.

Here’s five rock-solid reasons why you should make 2019 your year to launch your work from home business.

1. Freelancing is becoming mainstream

As job security and pensions become rarer in the traditional labor market, workers are looking for other options.

And with the appeal of flexible hours and more autonomy, freelancing continues to rise in popularity among laborers. Trends indicate that a substantial segment of the labor force is moving away from conventional work arrangements.

A major study by Deloitte found that almost half of all millennials are voluntarily quitting their jobs in the next 24 months.

According to the Job Openings and Labor Turnover Report, “The fact that record numbers of workers are voluntarily quitting their jobs suggests that they are finding substantially better opportunities elsewhere in the economy.” 

2. Freelancing is accepted AND respected

With freelancing on the rise, the number of marketplaces and ecosystems to support freelancers is growing too. 

VBO Nation offers the VBO Quickstart program to teach aspiring work from home business owners how to make their freelancing dreams into a reality. Positioning yourself as an industry expert is a good way to get started.

And, marketing your work from home businesses has never been easier with platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook, so it’s not hard to find work once you’ve found your niche and perfected your craft.

As you gain more clients and projects, you’ll become more of a respected authority in your field. Remember to keep all communication clear, frequent and professional, and get references from happy clients to further build your credibility.

3. Freelancing affords more learning opportunities

Freelancing or launching a work from home business affords you the opportunity to invest in your education. 

You can learn how to develop and refine essential skill sets for your field online.

E-learning websites like UdemyCoursera, and Skillshare, just to name a few, are excellent resources for building up your business acumen on your time and at affordable costs. After a few courses, you’ll have more know-how that you can translate into real value for your clients, further adding to your credibility as a work from home business owner. 

4. Most workers are already thinking about making the switch

Porch.com recently conducted a poll sampling workers on both sides of the aisle to determine where people stood on the freelance work vs. traditional employment debate.

They found that 69 percent of workers have considered leaving their office jobs to take the leap of faith and become a VBO. 

There are currently 57 million VBOs in the U.S., and that number is set to outpace the total of traditional workers by 2027. It seems that people are fundamentally unhappy with the trappings of corporate America and are looking for other ways to bring more freedom into their lives.

5. Corporations are hiring more freelancers

As employers struggle to find employees to fill positions, more and more businesses are turning to freelancers, and with good reason. 

Corporations enjoy several benefits when they opt to hire freelancers over traditional employees. For one, employers know that freelancers and VBOs come with a specialized skill set and expertise that align well with the project at hand.

It’s also cost-effective to hire freelancers because the benefits expenses are a non-factor.

Ultimately, these five examples are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the wide-variety of reasons why now’s the time to start your work from home business.

If independence in your career is important to you, there’s no need to wait. You can become your own boss this year. It’s never been easier, less risky, or cheaper to become a VBO.

Now’s the time to make your move.

If you have questions whether the VBO Lifestyle is right for you, I’d suggest you take VBO Boot Camp. It is an incredibly valuable (free) course that shares more about the VBO opportunity and how to find your super power - CLICK HERE to learn a bit more about the course.

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