13 Ways to Land More Clients in 2019

Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Chantel, a fellow VBO who’s passionate about all things content curation and storytelling. 

Ever since I started on my freelancing journey four years ago, I, like many of you, always keep one thing top of mind: landing more clients to maximize my earnings.

As a writer, I had one three-step strategy that worked pretty well for me in the beginning. It went like this:

  1. First, I’d identify a potential client that I wanted to work for. I’ll use my first client as an example. It was a sustainable living and local food economy magazine based in Savannah, Georgia.
  2. Then I’d find a way to get my foot in the door. For me, I found out about an event the magazine was promoting: a fundraising tour of local backyard chicken farmers – never mind how that experience motivated me to become a backyard chicken farmer myself.
  3. Now onto the third step, I’d show that potential client what I could do. I published a blog post about the event and emailed it to the editor. Within a couple weeks I was writing for the magazine.

As I’ve worked as a freelancer, I’ve learned more ways to grow my client base.

And I’m poised to share them with you today.

If you’re looking to expand your work from home business this year, keep reading because I’m giving you 13 surefire ways to land more clients in 2019.

1. Ratchet down your own VBO niche

No one can do it all, and nowadays hiring managers don’t want someone who can do it all. 

They want someone who's really good at the thing that they’re not. Find your VBO superpower, your specific skill that allows you to deliver more value, and capitalize on that.

Remember, there’s riches in niches. Especially in your VBO niche!

2. Grow your VBO Network

Increasing visibility among other VBOs is a good way to get referrals and land clients. 

VBO Nation is the place to connect with other freelancers and grow your VBO network. Sign up for our forever free membership and build out your profile. 

3. Nurture existing clients

Your existing clients already provide regular income. 

If you’ve done good work for them thus far, there may be opportunities to expand the work you do for them. If you’re a writer like me, this could look like doubling the number of blogs you write a month for a client or expanding into other forms of content creation for a client, like writing email copy or social media posts.

4. Follow up with your current network

There may be potential clients currently in your professional network who could use your services. 

Perhaps they weren’t ready in the past but would be open to hiring you now. Reach out to contacts on LinkedIn and Alignable, and let them know what value you can bring to their business.

5. Write a blog to share your knowledge and expertise

Before I got anyone to publish my content, I published myself via my personal blog.

Writing a blog is a good way to establish credibility within your field without having to wait for someone else to give you a platform. It’s also a good way to let your personality shine through. 

People want to see what you know, but they also want to see what you’re like too.

The human touch is always important.

6. Position yourself as an industry expert

Take advantage of opportunities to participate in speaking engagements and interviews on podcasts or Facebook Live. Publish articles in trade magazines and submit guest articles for respected blogs in your field. 

7. Create courses

Create courses on Udemy or Skillshare to increase your reach and further spread your expertise. This is also a great way to generate passive income, helping you transition from a VBO Pro to a VBO Passive.

8. Run an ad campaign

Any business will have to invest in marketing and advertising to land customers, and work from home businesses are no different. 

Run an ad campaign to help raise awareness and generate leads. Try a multifaceted approach in your marketing mix. Buy an ad in a local paper, run ads on Facebook and give Google Ads a try.

9. Run a free promotion

Nothing gets people’s attention like the four-letter f word – no, not that one. I’m talking about F-R-E-E.

Run a free promotion on your services and announce it in your ad campaign to capture the interest of potential clients looking for your services. 

10. Offer advice and help others often

See who in your social media circle can use your assistance and help out when you can. 

Offer advice and make yourself available.

Building your know, like and trust factor can help you find potential clients.

11. Use SEO

If you have a website (and you should), optimize your pages to rank well on Google and Bing. 

Stay abreast of the latest search engine optimization strategies to ensure that your site comes up when people search for keywords and phrases that relate to your business. Don’t forget about the long tail; it’s just as important here too.

Check out Moz.com or take an online course in SEO to start learning the basics.

12. Partner up and offer referral services

If you’ve ever had to pass on an opportunity because you didn’t have enough time to complete the job or you lacked a required skill, partnering up with other VBOs is a good way to avoid these kinds of losses. 

If you can complete a job with a little extra help, why not find other freelance workers and take on the task together.

Offering referrals will help you build up your VBO network, and you’ll enjoy mutual benefits from the partnership.

13. Go online

Browse websites like Upwork.com and Freelancer.com where people ask for help with work in your industry. Make sure that you’re registered on sites like these to get leads on businesses looking to hire someone with your unique skill set.

There are plenty of ways to generate clients as a VBO or a work from home freelancer.

You just have to know how to network and how to increase visibility about your business. Make sure you schedule time in your work schedule to designate to client acquisition, and you’re well on your way to generating more leads and landing more clients in 2019.

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