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What is the RealRate Success System?

It is NOT just another money making system

It is NOT a just a way to increase your income by thousands a month (even though it will)

It is NOT a system that leaves you smarter, but wondering what to do next 

It is NOT just a way to make way more money and relieve stress 

The RealRate Success System is A SHORTCUT

It is a proven system.  If you follow our system you will DEFINITELY make more money than ever before, but that is just the beginning

This is a revolutionary system that will:

Get your clients to PAY FOR YOUR VACATIONS.

Eliminate the stress of sick days, because YOUR CLIENTS NOW PAY FOR THAT.

Put and end to you paying all those expenses AND BUILD THEM RIGHT INTO YOUR RATE.


Transform Your Life In Days

See Immediate Results.  Your Friends And Family Will Be Amazed.


Immediately learn how to give yourself a serious raise.  Even with existing clients.


Plan your next vacation.  Get your retirement on track.  Get health insurance.  All paid by clients.


Make more, work less.  Spend more time with family and friends.  Make YOU a priority!


Start planning your future with confidence. Put a stop to living paycheck to paycheck.

What they say about the RealRate Success System

The RealRate Success System is a proven PLUG & PLAY shortcut to make $100's and even  $1,000's more EACH AND EVERY MONTH!

I was blown away.  The RealRate System just works!

I've been a high paid freelancer for 10 years. I thought I was doing well, but the RealRate Success System showed me how to get so much more out of every hour I worked.  My hat is off! 

Sam Bazzi

Elite PPC Specialist

I was skeptical about raising rates with existing clients.

I thought "they don't know my clients".  Well, it turns out you do and now my clients are paying for my vacations, sick time, health insurance, and retirement.  This system ROCKS!

Jenny McCall

PPC Marketer

The guarantee is what sold me, they take all the risk.

The guarantee for RealRate is so strong I took a shot at it.  Why not I figured.  This was by far and away the best $5.90 I have ever spent.  It has put thousands more in my pocket as a freelancer!

Alex Fernandez


Here's What You Get With the RealRate Success System.

Claim Yours Today And Stop Leaving Money On the Table EVERY SINGLE MONTH!


Lesson 1: Unleash The RealRate System

Quickly understand how the Real Rate Success system was designed to be plug-and-play.  Learn how hidden expenses are eating up your earnings and how we are going to get your clients to pay for them.


Lesson 2: Uncovering Your RealRate

In this lesson you will learn (to the penny) what your RealRate is.  That rate will have your clients paying for your vacations, sick-time, health insurance, retirement, and more.  Then we will take to you to RealRate Calculator where you will find your EXACT RealRate in a matter of minutes.


Lesson 3: Give Yourself a Raise Starting Today

In this lesson we give you the tools and the knowledge to fast track your RealRate.  This works with new AND existing clients.  You'll even get three professionally written email templates to start the process immediately.


BONUS 1: Professional Services Agreement

Did you know that over 40% of freelancers say they don't have a decent contract?  We are going to put and end to that immediately.  This Professional Services Agreement is easily worth 10 times the cost of the Real Rate Success System.


BONUS 2: Task Report Template

Part of being able to charge your RealRate is differentiating yourself from other freelancers.  This Task Report Template let's you easily update your clients on your progress and definately goes beyond what most Freelancers and VBOs provide.


BONUS 3: Rate Increase Email Templates

Bonus 3 gives you three (3) professionally written email templates to allow you to easily increase your rates with EXISTING CLIENTS.  These are as easy as 1-2-3.  Just fill in the blanks and you are ready to go! 


BONUS 4: Client Assessment Template

A huge part of making maximizing your income will be pruning clients on a quarterly basis.  This gets rid of those clients that always seem to take too much time, want things free, and pay late.  You will be using this template every three months to maximize earnings and your happiness!

The RealRate Success System Story

When I first saw how easily freelancers could add thousands to their monthly income…

...It blew my mind!

You see, I coached a few freelancers with this concept I had created to make more money myself and even I couldn’t believe how easily they quickly increased their earnings AND profitability.

Then, I shared my concept with a few more people - and BAM!  Their results far exceeded my expectations, AND theirs.

I was busy enough making money for myself that I really didn’t think about creating this into a system for others, but something happened…

The freelancers that I coached shared their success with others and I started to get more requests for my “system” (which at that point wasn’t really a system at all).

Freelancers who had struggled to make ends meet were all of the sudden:

  • Having clients pay for their vacations
  • Having clients pay for their sick-time/PTO
  • Having clients pay for their health insurance
  • Having clients pay for their business expenses
  • Having clients contribute to their retirement
  • And more...

It was literally nuts…  Most of the freelancers I worked with THOUGHT they knew how much to charge, but they hadn’t really stopped to think how these expenses were literally draining their income each and every month.

Most of the freelancers simply didn’t know what their RealRate was.

What is a RealRate you ask?  It is the amount freelancers need to charge to make sure your clients are paying for their expenses.

So, we created the RealRate Success System.  A plug and play system designed especially for freelancers to make $100’s and even 1,000’s more per month - EVERY MONTH.

We give you all the tools and resources to get a raise FROM EXISTING CLIENTS STRESS-FREE.

We then added some bonuses to make the RealRate Success System a no-brainer.  Here’s what you get with this amazing system

  • Unleash The RealRate Success System (lesson 1)
  • Uncovering Your RealRate (lesson 2)
  • Give Yourself a Raise Starting Today (lesson 3)
  • RealRate Calculator - know your RealRate in minutes
  • RealRate Report - See on paper (down to the penny) how much to charge and what your clients will now be paying for
  • Professionally written emails designed to get a raise from existing clients without scaring them off

But then we decided to throw in some additional bonuses:

  • BONUS - A Professional Services Agreement Template (written by a lawyer that charges over $500 per hour)
  • BONUS - Task Tracker Template - designed to differentiate you and separate you from other freelancers in the marketplace
  • BONUS - Special Report - 7 ways to give…

How much does a system GUARANTEED to make you at least $3,000 more a year cost?

PRO TIP: Many freelancers are making well over $10,000 more a year using the RealRate Success System.

Well, we started thinking this course would be a no-brainer selling for $197.00.  

But, it is so powerful I wanted to get it into the hands of every freelancer out there, so I told our team to drop it to $97.00.

Then came 2020.  We all know the rest of this story.

Bottom line, I told our team we are going to “Pay it Forward”.  For a limited time, we are offering the RealRate Success System for just $5.90. 

Yes, 93% off the already discounted price of $97.00.

Then, I added our crazy “We Take 100% of the Risk, NO BS Guarantee”.

For just $5.90, no longer will you:

  • Work another year with no vacation
  • Stress over taking a sick day
  • Worry about not growing your retirement nest egg
  •  Pay for things like Internet access and mobile phone personally

So, are you in?  Are you willing to spend $5.90 to literally change your life?  

I know what you are thinking - “this works for other people, but you don’t know my clients”.

You are right, but I do know this - I am SO CONFIDENT this will work for you that I am willing to give you double your money back if you don’t like it for any reason.  

No delays, no questions asked.

So what do you have to lose?

Unfortunately, if you pass on this, the answer is $100’s and in many cases $1,000’s per month - EVERY MONTH.  And that money is not recoverable.

Again, this is a limited time “pay it forward” offer.  To claim your RealRate Success System now - click on the red button below.

100% Satisfaction or Double Your Money Back!

It's really that simple.  Our Crazy "We Take 100% of the Risk, NO BS Guarantee" puts you in complete charge.  If the RealRate Success System is not everything you were looking for we will give you DOUBLE YOUR MONEY BACK.  No questions.  No delays. You are IN CHARGE.



Frequently Asked Questions 

Why only $5.90 - What's the catch?

Will this really help me make $100's if not $1,000's more every month?

Does this help me raise my rates with existing clients?

Do you really have a double your money back guarantee?  Why?

I am super busy.  How long will it take to implement this system?

Are you going to have more online courses for Freelancers?