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When the economy is good, people travel, and people are traveling now more than ever. But many of them struggle to find the best deals for their travel plans, so they consult travel agents for help. Travel Agent VBOs assist their clients by facilitating, planning, and purchasing travel tickets

and reserving accommodations on their behalf. If you are great at finding deals and want to help people have the vacation of their dreams, becoming a Travel Agent may be a great option for you to consider as a VBO!


A travel agent's number one priority is to find the best deals for their clients while still providing excellent customer service.Travel Agent VBOs assist their clients in planning and booking their travel arrangements. This includes everything from booking flights and cruises, reserving hotels and resort accommodations, and booking car rentals. They also help to build itineraries by arranging tours and adventures, and informing travelers about area attractions and other amenities. If something comes up and a client needs to change their travel arrangements, travel agents take care of that as well. For international travel, agents also provide information about local laws, customs, required documents and travel advisories. All in all, travel agents plan every detail from departure to return to insure that their clients have an enjoyable and stress-free vacation.

Here are just a few reasons you should consider becoming a Travel Agent VBO:

  • More people are traveling than ever before, and travelling plans can be a hassle.
  • You are able to help your clients achieve their travel dreams.
  • Travel operators and airlines often provide travel agents with free FAM (familiarization) to promote their services, which is a great perk.

Here is an example of a VBO Niche for a Travel Agent
To learn more about creating your VBO Niche - CLICK HERE!

Primary Niche

Travel Agent

SUB Niche

Travel Agent For Honeymooning Couples

VBO Niche

Travel Agent For Honeymooning Couples Traveling To International Resorts

We provide some great resources to help you get up and running as a Travel Agent. If you have questions about becoming a Travel Agent, feel free to head over to our Groups and ask there!


  • Be knowledgeable about desirable travel destinations around the world. 
  • Determine client needs for trips- location, length, number of travellers, etc.
  • Facilitate transportation and accommodation plans.
  • Draft itineraries for clients according to their interests and budget.
  • Review documents and plans for accuracy.
  • Arrange tours, excursions, adventures, and attractions for clients.
  • Stay within the clients' budget while still offering a good time.


As an Independent Travel Agent, your income can vary based on a number of factors. Our research has found that on average you will collect 10% commission per client, leading to a $37,000 average annual income for agents. Although this depends on the quality of vacations you book, your travelling niche, and your ideal clients, your ability to negotiate commissions may change that. You may also increase your commissions by affiliating with travel-related companies and industries.



CCRA's blog for travel agents provides planning and marketing tips, as well as travel industry news.

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The Home Based Travel Agent Show's blog help travel agents build their work from home businesses. They provide tips on social media and websites. And they also share links to travel industry podcasts.

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Udemy is a great site for VBOs to sharpen their skills. Their classes typically range from $10.00 - $200.00. However, they are known to have frequent sales where with virtually all lessons as low as $10.00.


Skillshare is an online learning community with classes in that are often helpful for VBOs focused design, business, tech, and more.







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