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By now, you’ve probably heard about SEO, or search engine optimization. It’s the practices, measures and strategies that a savvy professional puts in place to help a website rank among the top slots on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. There are many forms of SEO, but it all basically comes down to two forms:

on-page SEO and off-page SEO. Like the name suggests, on-page SEO has to do with all of the things you do on the actual website to improve your webpage rankings. Here, we’re going to focus on off-page SEO and get into the details of why you may want to launch a VBO career as an off-page SEO specialist.


So what is off-page SEO anyway? To put it simply, off-page SEO is about all the things you can do to increase website rankings that don’t take place directly on yoursite. While on-page SEO usually involves things like site structure, speed and content optimizations, off-page SEO is about link building, local SEO, influencer outreach and social media. All in all, off-page SEO is about using tactics to generate traffic to your site and making your site appealable. 

To become an off-page SEO specialist, it’s good to have both a fundamental understanding of SEO in general and experience applying its principles. But note that it’s not as techy as on-page SEO, you’ll want to know about social media, marketing and increasing brand visibility as well. 

Here are just a few reasons you should consider becoming a Off-Page SEO Specialist:

  • SEO is a subject that a lot of businesses don’t understand, so they’re always looking for help in this arena.
  • There are many areas of specialization within SEO, so you can enjoy a diverse career.
  • This is a great opportunity for those who love continuous learning to improve their skill set.

Here is an example of a VBO Niche for an Off-Page SEO Specialist:
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Primary Niche

SEO Specialist

SUB Niche

​SEO Specialist for Marketing

VBO Niche

Off-Page SEO Specialist for Marketing

We provide some great resources to help you get up and running as an Off-Page SEO Specialist. If you have questions about becoming an Off-Page SEO Specialist, feel free to head over to our Groups and ask there!


  • Acquire quality inbound links.
  • Submit site to high-quality online directories.
  • Encourage positive business reviews.
  • Devise local SEO strategy for brick-and-mortar clients.
  • Drive link shares on social media.
  • Post crawlable links to online forums.
  • Support marketing efforts that increase brand awareness.
  • Continue on-going education on SEO best practices as the realm is ever-changing.


Our research shows the hourly rate charged by Off-Page SEO Specialist VBOs ranges from $40.00 to $100.00. However, the majority seemed to land in the $50.00 to $80.00 per hour range. Factors affecting this variance include geographic location, experience, and level of expertise.


The Moz Blog

Moz is  leading resource when it comes to SEO. Their blog features the industry’s top experts sharing their best insights, advice, research and how-tos to help you level up your SEO and digital marketing skills. 

Search Engine Land

Aptly titled, Search Engine Land is all about helping you increase your rank on today’s most popular search engines. They post multiple times a day everyday, so there’s a wealth of information to be discovered.

Yoast SEO Blog

Yoast is a go-to resource for all things SEO. You’ll find informative content about a wide range of topics including content SEO, analytics, eCommerce, WordPress, technical SEO and more. They also have a newsletter, so you should subscribe if you like what you read.



Udemy is a great site for VBOs to sharpen their skills. Their classes typically range from $10.00 - $200.00. However, they are known to have frequent sales with virtually all lessons available for as low as $10.00.


Skillshare is an online learning community with classes in that are often helpful for VBOs focused on design, business, tech, and more.


Lynda has been around a long time and might just be one of the granddaddies of online training. Pretty much all courses are well-vetted and professionally done. While their courses may be a little more expensive, they are top quality. Since they were recently acquired by LinkedIn, some premium accounts get access to Lynda at no additional charge, which is a great deal.







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