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Issues like obesity and sedentary lifestyles are driving more people to stay healthy and get fit. Despite their best efforts, people often need extra help with committing to a workout regimen. So, people hire trainers to help them achieve their fitness goals.

Fitness training is currently one of the fastest-growing industries. Fitness Trainer VBOs work with clients virtually, individually, and in class settings to create and implement exercise routines. If you’re a gym rat who’s all about health, you can turn your love of fitness into a viable career as a Fitness Trainer VBO.


Fitness trainers work with clients to lead, instruct, and encourage physical exercise. These exercises may include cardio, stretching, yoga, strength training, and more. Trainers work with people of all ages across a variety of skill and fitness levels. Clients can range from beginners to competition-level athletes. Trainers may also work with people recovering from injuries and ailments. Trainers may work in a group setting teaching classes or one-on-one with clients to improve physical fitness and athletic ability.

Thanks to technology, fitness trainers need not meet with clients in-person to administer their services. Fitness Trainer VBOs meet with their clients virtually using video sharing programs. In order to be a successful Fitness Trainer VBO, you will need access to professional A/V equipment, video sharing and recording programs, and appointment setting software. You must also be able to network and market yourself to potential clients.

Here are just a few reasons why you should consider becoming a Fitness Trainer VBO:

  • The industry is growing at an unprecedented rate.
  • You can help people achieve a better, healthier lifestyle.
  • It’s a great career path for people who love fitness.

Here is an example of a VBO Niche for a Fitness Trainer
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Primary Niche

Fitness Training

SUB Niche

​Fitness Training For People Over 40

VBO Niche

Fitness Training For People Over 40 With Existing Injuries

In the other tabs featuring Blogs and Courses, we provide some great resources to help you get up and running as a Fitness Trainer. If you have questions about becoming a Fitness Trainer VBO, feel free to head over to our Groups and ask there!


  • Create and demonstrate a variety of exercises and routines.
  • Monitor clients and correct them as needed to minimize injury and increase comfort and fitness.
  • Consider clients with different levels of skill and fitness, and incorporate alternative exercises into the routine.
  • Continually monitor clients, adapting their specified programs as necessary.
  • Explain safety rules and regulations for sports, equipment, routines, and monitor clients to ensure they are following the rules.
  • Provide emergency first-aid if necessary and able.
  • Maintain a working knowledge of anatomy, exercise, nutrition, and exercise science.
  • Understand the importance of client screening and assessment, and implement continually.
  • Maintain personal and professional integrity and client confidentiality.


Our research shows the hourly rate charged by Fitness Trainer VBOs ranges from $30.00 to $90.00. However, the majority seemed to land in the $35.00 to $55.00 per hour range. Factors affecting this variance include geographic location, experience, and level of expertise.


Personal Trainer Development Center

Personal Trainer Development Center is the premier source of free information for fitness professionals. Their archive contains over 800 articles featuring tips, tricks, and practices for those in the fitness industry. Experts from all around the world pitch in to help you build a better business.


My Fitness Pal is a free website and blog that allows you to keep track of the foods you eat. Their goal is to help you to monitor what you eat so that you can lose wait, attain a healthier body, and build a better relationship with food.

ACE Fitness

​Ace Fitness urges readers to move, step, jump, and swim their way toward a healthier and more active life. They offer certification programs for people wanting to become certified in personal training, group fitness, health coaching, and medical exercise.



Udemy is a great site for VBOs to sharpen their skills. Their classes typically range from $10.00 - $200.00. However, they are known to have frequent sales with virtually all lessons available for as low as $10.00.


Skillshare is an online learning community with classes that are often helpful for VBOs focused on design, business, tech, and more.







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