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Most business owners are well versed in the things that drive their business forward, but many might not have a good grasp on all the administrative tasks that the business requires. Business owners are busy, and many just don’t have the time to devote to things like bookkeeping, marketing, and social media promotion. So, they hire  virtual

assistants, or VAs, for help. Executive Virtual Assistant VBOs perform administrative tasks on behalf of their clients. They are typically experienced in note-taking, customer service, communication, and various computer programs. If you have excellent organization skills and clerical experience, you should consider a freelance career as an Executive Virtual Assistant VBO.


Executive VAs are similar to office managers and administrative assistants, the main difference being that they render their services virtually. They often perform a variety of tasks, like administrative services, sales, marketing, writing and editing, accounting, bookkeeping, publishing, reception, graphic design, scheduling, data entry, and more. VA VBOs can work in a variety of industries and with all sorts of clients, or they can carve out a niche for themselves. Executive VAs must able to adapt to changing technology and use a variety of tools and programs including social media accounts, virtual calendars, scheduling programs, cloud and video sharing, and others.

Here are just a few reasons why you should consider becoming an Executive Virtual Assistant VBO:

  • Many executives and entrepreneurs are in need of virtual assistants. 
  • Becoming a VA has low startup costs — all you really need is a phone and a computer.
  • You will be able to lighten the workload of your clients while doing what you enjoy.

Here is an example of a VBO Niche for an Executive Virtual Assistant
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Primary Niche

Executive Virtual Assistant

SUB Niche

​Executive Virtual Assistant For Peak Performance Executives

VBO Niche

Executive Virtual Assistant For Women Entrepreneurs

In the other tabs featuring Blogs and Courses, we provide some great resources to help you get up and running as a Virtual Assistant. If you have questions about becoming a Virtual Assistant VBO, feel free to head over to our Groups and ask there!


  • Communicate with clients to determine their needs.
  • Maintain and update client contact lists, spreadsheets, and management systems.
  • Maintain calendars and schedule meetings, conferences, travel, and appointments.
  • Handle client correspondence via phone, email, and social media, and transcribe or log conversations.
  • Handle billing, accounting, and payments.
  • Create and manage newsletters, social media, brochures, and other methods of advertisement.
  • Promote the client's business online and offline.
  • Communicate on behalf of the client with suppliers, customers, and other visitors.
  • Communicate with prospective customers and process inquiries made via phone, email, or social media.
  • Create, maintain, and update websites, blogs, and social networks.


Our research shows the hourly rate charged by Executive Virtual Assistant VBOs ranges from $10.00 to $30.00. However, the majority seemed to land in the $15.00 to $20.00 per hour range. Factors affecting this variance include geographic location, experience, and level of expertise.


Neil Patel

Neil Patel is one of the most popular marketers in the world right now. His blog offers comprehensive insights and tips on digital marketing, SEO, sales, and brand awareness. It’s perfect for VAs who want to help grow client brands efficiently. Remember to sign up for his newsletters!

The VA Handbook

The VA Handbook is a blog and resource center for people in the beginning stages of their VA business. It’s also great for VAs who are already up and running and looking to sharpen their skill set. This blog covers everything from managing your time to setting up your business and even changing your niche.

Virtual Assistants

​VirtualAssistants.com has been helping VAs find work since 1999. They provide informative articles on developing your career as a productive Virtual Assistant.



Udemy is a great site for VBOs to sharpen their skills. Their classes typically range from $10.00 - $200.00. However, they are known to have frequent sales with virtually all lessons available for as low as $10.00.


Skillshare is an online learning community with classes that are often helpful for VBOs focused on design, business, tech, and more.







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