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Diverse Crowd Rallies to Attempt to Overturn AB5

"We are not stupid," said Peter Kalivas, artistic director at the PKG Project, a San Diego-based, world-class dance theater group. "We do not need...

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How Government is Killing the Gig Economy

Editor at Large for and host of the "Just Listen to Yourself" podcast, Kira Davis, joins Carol Roth to talk about devastating legislation,...

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Chuck Schumer Just Declared War On Your Ability To Design Your Own Job

Schumer is undoubtedly heeding the warning of AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka, who said opposition to the bill would result in a lack of support...

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Liberals in Congress seek to punish right-to-work states, strangle gig economy

By creating new obstacles for companies to hire independent contractors, this bill would suffocate the gig economy, to which people are increasingly turning for...

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Under Pressure From Democratic Caucus, House Leadership Promises To Bring PRO-Labor Bill To Floor

The PRO Act would represent the most comprehensive rewrite of U.S. labor law in decades. It would eliminate right-to-work laws, impose new penalties on...

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