7 Things To Outsource to A Virtual Assistant

In our How to Find Your Virtual Assistant blog, we made the case for why you might want to bring in some additional help, and we shared were you could find talented virtual assistants to take the load off.

You want to maximize your time so that you can spend more of it doing the high-value things that drive your business forward.

Let’s say you’re ready. You’ve decided to hire a virtual assistant, but you’re not sure about which tasks you should outsource.

You’ve come to the right place yet again. VBO Nation has you covered.

The small, time-consuming tasks that aren’t big money makers are the things you should handoff.

Here are seven top tasks to outsource to your virtual assistant:

1. Data entry

As a VBO, you’re always making connections with other freelancers and clients.

You’ve probably got stacks and stacks of business cards that you need to organize. Have your virtual assistant organize those cards into a database. Ask your virtual assistant to reach out to contacts periodically to ensure that you’ve always got the most up-to-date contact information.  

Here’s a tip - take a picture of about eight business cards with your phone and send them to your VA. 

2. Bookkeeping

Paying bills and issuing invoices are necessary parts of your business, but they aren’t increasing your bottom line.

Outsourcing bookkeeping tasks like accounts receivable and accounts payable to your virtual assistant is an easy way to maximize your time.

3. Travel arrangements

If you’re always on the go, whether it’s for work or for play, booking flights and hotels can eat up your time.

Let your virtual assistant take charge of your travel arrangements.

Virtual assistants can book arrangements for you and create itineraries, making travel one less thing you’ve got to worry about.

4. Scheduling

Setting up meetings with clients and subcontractors is another easy task you can outsource to your virtual assistant. Give your virtual assistant access to your calendar and let them manage your schedule.

5. Copywriting

If you run a blog as part of your business, you probably spend a lot of time every week researching and writing content. Find a virtual assistant with writing experience and outsource some of your copywriting to them.

6. Email management

If your inbox is a disaster, let your virtual assistant come to the rescue.

Give them access to your email and have them clear spam and identify priorities. You may even have your virtual assistant to respond to some of your emails on your behalf. Just make sure that they send drafts to you beforehand.

7. Social media

Interacting on social media is a must for business growth in the digital age.

But managing your Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook pages can be time-consuming and burdensome. Fortunately, you can outsource your social media management to a virtual assistant. Be sure to give them access to your accounts, and discuss how frequently you expect your virtual assistant to post on each platform.

When you hire a virtual assistant, it’s important to establish clear guidelines and expectations at the forefront.

Once you’ve decided on your tasks, make sure that you provide your virtual assistant with all of the things that they need to do the job.

Give them a list of all the required user names and passwords for your various accounts.

Meet with your virtual assistant regularly to go over tasks and updates. Once you’ve gotten your virtual assistant up to speed, you’ll have more time to focus your attention on the most important things for your business.

You’ll be able to get more work done at a faster rate, making your virtual assistant a valuable investment.

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