What’s the Scariest Thing About Halloween? Being Zombified by a Dead-End Job!

Dead-end Job

Wake up from your worst nightmare and start living your dreams!

Fancy a scary Halloween tale that’s sure to shake you to the core? You’ve come to the right place, my darling. I call it the Tragedy of the Dead-End Job. Sit back and imagine this: It’s another Monday morning. Your fleeting weekend respite has come to an end, and you wake up to the awful mechanical screeching of your bedside alarm. It’s a cold fall morning and you’re up before the sun as always.

You moan and groan as you slide out of bed. You didn’t get a good night’s rest. You tossed and turned all night because you were too stressed about today’s big presentation for your boss. You trudge to the bathroom with your hair all a mess like Frankenstein’s monster to ready yourself for another trying day of the mundane.

After you’ve finished your bathroom rituals, you take a long, hard look in the mirror and realize how deeply unhappy you are. 

But you don’t have time to reflect for long. You’ve got an hour’s commute to the office, and traffic is always horrible around this time. As you sit in traffic, the stench of smog and diesel worming their way into your nostrils, you realize it’s a metaphor for your own life; going nowhere while the noxious fumes permeate your every being, killing you slowly from the inside. Much like your life, the traffic barely inches along, so excruciatingly slow, it’s as if time itself has stopped.

You are living a scripted life.

Sleep, work, rinse and repeat. After you make it to your place of employment, the day only goes downhill from there as the misery truly sets in.

You bomb your presentation because you didn’t sleep well the night before and your demeaning, micromanaging boss berates you for it in front of your peers. Now you’re the laughing stock of the office and everyone knows it.

But you don’t even care. This job has no room for upward mobility and you haven’t had a raise in years. You’re barely treading water at this point and sometimes you just want to let the waves take you over. You imagine how quiet it would be under the waves, no more boss or coworkers droning on, no more stress of working a job that you absolutely hate, just the sweet embrace of the water and the inevitability of the beyond.

You want to leave this dead-end job

But you don’t know what to do or how. The rest of your day is inconsequential because it’s all the same. Work has turned you into a marionette. You do your little dance while others pull the strings to their own tune. 

You go home exhausted, not from actual work, but from the realization that you’re meant for so much more and going nowhere. You feel stuck, trapped. The nightmare of your own existence draining your very essence.

When you make it home after another hour-long commute you want to cry, you want to scream, you want a beer or maybe six - anything to make you forget what you just experienced, but knowing you’ll have to go through it again tomorrow.

You numb yourself

With TV and social media until you trudge off to bed only to repeat this living nightmare, again and again, already anticipating the dread that is to follow. You have become the walking dead. But you want more than anything to feel alive again.

Well you’re in the best treat you’ll get this Halloween because I’m about to show you exactly how to quit your dead-end job and start living your dreams. You can wake up from this nightmare you’ve been living for too many years and move into the real-life fairytale that we call the VBO Lifestyle.

A VBO is a virtual business owner, AKA a work-from-home freelancer who is able to achieve a life of freedom, peace and financial prosperity. Making the transition from employee to VBO is easy. And VBO Nation has a kickass masterclass dedicated to walking you through that transition every step of the way. Did you know that you could dump your dead-end job and launch your VBO Lifestyle in as little as 90 days? Learn more about VBO Quickstart to find out how! 

~Happy Halloween!

Tom Poole

Hi - Tom Poole here. I'm a lifelong entrepreneur and the founder of VBO Nation. VBO Nation is your network to grow a virtual business. Our goal is to help you Launch Your Dreams and Empower Your Life!

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