Is Working From Home Here to Stay?

working from home

Many who have found themselves working from home during the pandemic want to keep doing so.

The coronavirus pandemic has taken the world by storm. The crisis has impacted modern life as we know it in significant ways over the last few months. As shelter-in-place orders swept the nation, many businesses shifted to remote work. Working from home has become more prevalent over the last decade. The pandemic has accelerated that growth in recent months.

 Due to the COVID-19 crisis, lots of people across the country are working from home for the first time. Some may be expecting a return to business as usual once the virus dies down. But, experts are thinking to the contrary. This new normal may very well persist in the long run.

 Many of those who are now working remotely have come to enjoy it. Remote workers appreciate the increased flexibility and time saved from daily commutes. People often find that they’re more productive when they work from home as well. Of course, increased productivity benefits businesses as well. But that’s not the only benefit remote work affords businesses. Employers save on overhead costs and reduce their carbon footprint while enjoying a higher-performing team.

 A recent survey by  getAbstract found that 43 percent of full-time U.S. workers want to work remotely more often after the pandemic is over. The absence of a commute, increased productivity, and added flexibility are workers’ primary motivations for wanting to continue working from home.

 Though workers are hopeful, many aren’t sure that their employers will implement remote work after the pandemic ends. About one-third of respondents expect their employers to implement a return to conventional office work, while 26 percent are expecting their employers to adopt a more flexible policy going forward. Another 20 percent claim that talks about allowing remote work in some form are already in the works within their organizations.

 Are you one of the many employees who are working from home because of the COVID-19 crisis? Do you like the freedom and flexibility that remote work affords you? Would you like to keep working from home? If the answers to these questions are yes, know that there are actions you can take to continue working from home for as long as you like.

 If your employer offers a permanent work-from-home option, and you’re content with your job, you can stay where you are. That won’t be the case for everyone though. Fortunately,  finding a stay-at-home job is pretty easy nowadays. You should know, however, that the best way to maintain a remote work career is to work for yourself.

Unless your employer is 100 percent digital, there’s always a chance that you'll be required to come into an office at some point. To avoid this reality, you can always become a VBO, that is, a virtual business owner. A VBO is a work-from-home freelancer. VBOs are happier, healthier, and often make more money than their traditionally-employed counterparts

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