Introducing VBO Hub, a Unique Marketplace for Remote Freelance Work

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Coronavirus launched a global experiment on the validity of remote work. And the results are in. Remote work actually works. From tech giants to small firms, businesses have experienced the cost-saving benefits of remote work. And, more importantly, workers have had a chance to enjoy the freedom and flexibility of working from home. The pandemic gave many people a chance to think beyond the office when it comes to their livelihood. The freelance revolution has been picking up steam for years now, and it’s been bolstered by COVID-19. One thing’s for sure, remote work is here to stay. As more people redefine their idea of employment, the demand for remote freelance work continues to increase. To answer the call, VBO Nation is proud to announce the official launch of VBO Hub

Your portal for remote work, VBO Hub is a new online marketplace that brings freelancers and clients together. Today is VBO Hub’s official debut, and we welcome remote freelancers from all experience levels and industries. You’re probably thinking there are already plenty of other online marketplaces where freelancers can find work. The truth is, you’re right, but VBO Hub is in a class of its own. There are a few key differences that set VBO Hub apart from other marketplaces. If you’re looking for remote freelance work, here’s why you should join VBO Hub today.

VBO Hub was made for freelancers, by freelancers.

When something is made by the community it serves, it’s inherently more trustworthy. After all, no one knows what’s best for a community better than its own members. VBO Hub isn’t some fancy corporation with headquarters in Silicon Valley. We’re a decentralized team of remote freelancers who’ve built a platform to help people like us find work. VBO Hub was built from start to finish with freelancers top of mind. This marketplace caters to the freelance community in a number of ways. 

VBO Hub puts the power back in your hands.

Since VBO Hub was made by fellow freelancers, it empowers freelancers by design. Unlike other freelance marketplaces, VBO Hub members are in full control of their business. VBO Hub doesn’t lay out the terms and conditions of your working arrangement. If you want to work hourly or per-project, that’s up to you. When and how you work with your client is between the two of you. You’re also not limited to the platform when it comes to client communication. In other words, you can correspond with clients however you want. 

VBO Hub doesn’t take any of your earnings. 

Most freelancers know that online marketplaces are the best place to find work. However, that convenience usually comes at a cost. On other marketplaces, freelancers typically have to shell out a percentage of their earnings. That’s not the case with VBO Hub.  All the money you make via VBO Hub is yours. You won’t lose a percentage off the top, and you never will. VBO Hub offers freelancers access to the platform for an affordable flat monthly subscription fee. But, there’s a special introductory promotion going on now that you don’t want to miss.

For a limited time, you can get FOREVER-FREE access.

Yes, you read that right. Right now, when you sign up for VBO Hub, you’ll get lifetime free access. Why? The VBO Nation team has been serving the freelance community for the last two years, and we want to give back in everything we do, including VBO Hub. This is a special promotion that won’t last forever. All the more reason to join VBO Hub today. To learn more about this special limited-time offer, visit

If you want to find remote freelance work, VBO Hub is the perfect place to find it, and right now membership won’t cost you a thing. There’s literally nothing to lose and so much to gain. Sign up for VBO Hub and start growing your business!

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