VBOs are Hiring Other VBOs

When people think of freelancers, they often picture an independent contractor or a solopreneur striking it out on their own.

It doesn’t always work like that. Freelancers are highly collaborative, and they work together to get jobs done.

VBO Nation is a great example. We’re a community built for VBOs by VBOs.

Everything you see here is the collective product of a team of talented work from home business owners. We’re always hiring other freelancers to take on projects, and you can do the same to grow your business.

When you’re first starting out, you’re probably going to tackle jobs alone.

You’ll take on projects that fit within your VBO niche, and you’ll deliver to your clients.

Eventually, the day will come when you’re asked to take on a project that goes beyond your skill set. Say you’re a copywriter and a company hires you to write a white paper promoting their latest product or service. They don’t just want copy.

They want the product: a well-designed, thorough white paper that’s ready for publication. 

You can deliver kickass copy, but the job requires more than that. You’ll need a graphic designer, a proofer, and someone who can format the document for print. You’ll have to bring in additional help to get the job done.

Fortunately, there are 57 million talented freelancers available for hire throughout the country.  

Hiring other VBOs helps you as a work from home business owner in two main ways.

First, it enables you to scale up. When you subcontract to other VBOs for a client, you’re able to get way more work done at a faster rate than if you were to handle it all yourself.

You can deliver more to clients, and you’ve got more time, which ultimately puts you in a better position to grow your business and land more clients.

Secondly, you can make more money. Back to our white paper example. You’re delivering several services to the client to create that white paper, so you can charge more than you would for the one service you normally provide.

When you source the business for a team of VBOs, you become the prime on that project.

You can hire other freelancers at a wholesale rate and bill the client at a retail rate. You as the prime are spending some of your hours working as a project manager, which should be reflected in your rates.

When you hire other VBOs for a project, make sure that you establish expectations upfront.

Share relevant documentation and materials with your team. 

Use a subcontractor agreement that covers payment terms, deliverables, and the end of the agreement.

Make sure that you have set payment terms with your client so that you can pay your subcontractors on time.

Bringing on other freelancers allows you to grow your work from home business.

You can scale up, deliver more, and make more money on jobs. Don’t say no to a job because you don’t have the skills. Hire other VBOs and take the task on together.

Tom Poole

Hi - Tom Poole here. I'm a lifelong entrepreneur and the founder of VBO Nation. VBO Nation is your network to grow a virtual business. Our goal is to help you Launch Your Dreams and Empower Your Life!

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