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How to Ensure You Get Paid as a VBO

How to Ensure You Get Paid as a VBOKeep cash flowing in with these helpful tips.You became a virtual business owner to create the life that you wanted.  But the path to your VBO lifestyle can be thwarted if you don’t get paid on time. If you’ve got slow-paying clients who are hindering your cash flow, […]

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Hiring Other VBOs: Getting it Right

Hiring Other VBOs: Getting it RightLearn how to build, and retain, your all-star VBO team.As your freelance business grows, the day may come when you’ll need to hire other virtual business owners, or freelancers, to take on larger clients and projects. When you get it right, bringing on other VBOs can create a win, win, win scenario […]

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How to Find Your Virtual Assistant

How to Find Your Virtual AssistantYour time is valuable. Maximize it by hiring a virtual assistant. You’ve launched your work from home business, and you’re off to a great start. You’ve got a steady stream of clients, and you’re getting busier by the day. Your inbox is inundated. Your calendar is chocked-full.You’re making money, but the more your […]

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Don’t Be A Turkey!

Male large turkey walking around

Don’t Be A Turkey!Here’s a quick story for you.From the day it is born, the turkey is taken care of and fed.  In the last month before Thanksgiving, the portions actually increase. From the turkey’s perspective, life is good. It has been well taken care of, protected, and fed religiously. If it had to judge its […]

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