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Turbocharge Retirement With A Solo 401(k)

Piggy bank sitting on wooden table in front of a chalkboard with 401k written on it

Turbocharge Retirement with a Solo 401(k)Don’t worry about retirement. Save for your future with a solo 401(k).With a traditional job, saving for retirement is simple. You enroll in your company’s 401K plan, and that’s it. As a VBO, you don’t have an employer-sponsored plan to rely on. Fortunately, there’s a great option available that caters to […]

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Rule #1 From The Worlds Greatest Investor

Rule #1 From The Worlds Greatest InvestorThe legendary investor Warren Buffett has made billions of dollars for his investors.He doesn’t use fancy algorithms and artificial intelligence to determine what stocks or companies to buy, he uses a few extremely simple rules. Having simple rules is just not for Warren Buffett. In fact, it is even more […]

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How to Ensure You Get Paid as a VBO

How to Ensure You Get Paid as a VBOKeep cash flowing in with these helpful tips.You became a virtual business owner to create the life that you wanted.  But the path to your VBO lifestyle can be thwarted if you don’t get paid on time. If you’ve got slow-paying clients who are hindering your cash flow, […]

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Hiring Other VBOs: Getting it Right

Hiring Other VBOs: Getting it RightLearn how to build, and retain, your all-star VBO team.As your freelance business grows, the day may come when you’ll need to hire other virtual business owners, or freelancers, to take on larger clients and projects. When you get it right, bringing on other VBOs can create a win, win, win scenario […]

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VBOs are Hiring Other VBOs

VBOs are Hiring Other VBOsWhen people think of freelancers, they often picture an independent contractor or a solopreneur striking it out on their own.It doesn’t always work like that. Freelancers are highly collaborative, and they work together to get jobs done. VBO Nation is a great example. We’re a community built for VBOs by VBOs. Everything you […]

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